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Our Mission


Find the truth and move with purpose.


Find people who share our core values and success is even sweeter.


We started 20-20 Ventures in the midst of a global pandemic. It was the perfect time. Our clients were hungry for change and new thinking.

Here's a quick snapshot of our founders:

Andrew James: The in-house expert on analytics, product costing and financial analysis. A CFO who can write code is rare. Andrew's done it at startups and multi-billion dollar firms.


Erik Klein: A serial entrepreneur, operational expert and philanthropist, Erik has built and sold multi-million dollar companies.

Colin Neidert:  The go-to resource on strategy, vision setting and change management. Rooted in finance, he's lead sales, marketing and e-commerce teams.

  1. The Truth Always Wins: Trust is the start of all great relationships. We seek the truth.

  2. Ideas Must Have Action: Think fast. Move faster. We believe in learning from doing.

  3. Make It Repeatable: We believe in rapid innovation, but to scale, every input should have an expected output.

  4. Prioritize Life: Time is the asset. Spend it wisely with those you love.

  5. Display Grit and Optimism: We've endured some difficult times. But we know our purpose and remain hopeful.


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